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I'm here to transform your ideas into captivating visual identities, making it easier for you to shine online, boost your brand authority, and leave your unique mark on the world. My mission is to simplify the path to a powerful brand identity and provide affordable solutions that take the stress out of DIY branding, ensuring your business thrives.

Our services address your pain points, whether it's overcoming DIY design overwhelm, achieving brand clarity, saving time and resources, or working within your budget. We're here to empower your brand and bring these benefits to your business.

Transforming your brand isn't just about aesthetics; it's about the tangible benefits it brings to your business

A well-crafted brand helps clients trust your expertise and respect your skills, strengthening your credibility.


A polished brand allows you to charge more and attract your dream clients, enhancing your professional image.

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With a brand you're proud of, you'll radiate confidence, make more sales, and truly enjoy your business.


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Brand Design Clarity Session


You no longer have to DIY trying to figure out your personal brand. A 60 min Zoom Clarity call is the perfect opportunity to get your current personal brand look audited and your most pressing brand design questions answered. Walk away with clarity on your next steps to flourishing online with your personal brand.


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VIP Design days

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Are you longing to transform your brand or website from mundane to magical, but time is of the essence? Do you dream of an enchanting look that's 'just right'? Say goodbye to the thought of lengthy waitlists or five-figure custom designs. Good news, fellow creative! Follow me on a journey to elevate your brand swiftly.

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Website in a Week


Are you an ambitious business owner in search of a fast and stylish website launch? Look no further. Our "Website in a Week" service is perfect for you. Get online in no time with our one-week website transformation, where we customise one of our base templates into your personalised site.

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custom brand  & web design

Bespoke Design 

custom design

Experience a tailored journey with our Bespoke Design Services, ensuring a fully customized online presence that reflects your unique brand identity. From custom brand design to personalized web development, we bring your vision to life.

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Semi-custom brand


Are you a new business owner looking to establish a polished and professional brand aesthetic without breaking the bank? We've got you covered. Our Semi-Custom Brand service is designed for you. It offers affordable and professional brand design using limited-use templates personalized to fit your unique vision.

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Kind Words

Amanda is a subject matter expert in brand design, with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to lean on. I’ve worked and liaised with Amanda on a number of occasions and she is nothing short of thorough, strategic and effectively efficient, creating the ideal solution for any client brand brief she’s been given. She listens to the client core needs and goals and transforms those into aligned brand assets to amplify and enhance the client business. Amanda is the ideal brand partner any business should engage to ensure the brand leaves a lasting impression for the consumer.


I love working with Amanda at Olive Graphics. She keeps things simple, so we understand it and our new website and e-commerce store has really helped to grow our business.

Tara-Lee Mitchell

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Hi, I'm Amanda

Your Creative Partner in Branding and Business Growth

With 20 years of experience in graphic and website design and a proud mother of one cheeky girl, I'm Amanda, and I'm here to guide you on your journey to creating an influential brand that truly represents who you are.

I'm passionate about design and helping businesses not just survive, but thrive. My goal is to create brands that make you stand out and deliver remarkable outcomes because your success drives me.

Because, for me, it's all about you. Seeing your business flourish, clients pouring in, and witnessing you doing what sets your soul on fire—that's my driving force.

I want to help passionate coaches, solopreneurs, or creatives have accessibility to great design without feeling overwhelmed. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or seeking expert help, I'm here to assist you in creating a business you love with ease.

Your delighted clients and the authenticity of your brand will be the testament to our collaboration.

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