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Clarity Romero is a transformative guide, specialising in mindset, self-development, and lifestyle design to lead individuals toward intentional living. Through a commitment to simplicity, honesty, and trust, Clarity Romero provides a profound personal growth experience. Unlock the mysteries of self-discovery, foster clarity, and initiate a positive ripple effect across all aspects of life. This is more than a service—it's a transformative partnership towards a purposeful and enriched existence.

Project Details

Chosen Packages:
Brand Design Clarity Session, Visual Brand Identity, Social Media Graphics.

Brand Design Clarity Report, Visual Brand Identity & Strategy, Brand Style Guide, Brand Colour Palette, Brand Image Moodboard, Social Media Hightlights, Social Media Templates (Canva), YouTube Cover Graphic

The Client

The goal was to guide Clarity Romero in redefining and clarifying her personal brand, transitioning from 'Simply Clarity' to her actual name for a distinctive presence. The objective was to design a word-based logo inspired by influential figures like Marie Forleo and Vanessa Lau, using a bold, simplistic, and elegant font. The color palette, soft pinks, and pastels, aimed to evoke feelings of fresh, light energy. This transformation sought to align Clarity's online identity with her unique essence, creating a visual brand that stands out and resonates authentically.

The Goal

Clarity Romero was looking for a polished personal brand, to support and elevate her online presence. Despite her expertise, she faced challenges in articulating a clear and compelling brand message. Lacking clarity around her positioning, and struggled to identifying the areas that needed improvement within her branding approach.

The struggle

The Brief

Clarity Romero Moodboard



The Process and Outcome

Clarity Romero's online presence now radiates with clarity, purpose, and a distinctive identity, creating a positive ripple effect on personal and professional endeavors. The transformative journey ensures that every post, every interaction leaves an unforgettable mark, contributing to a future where Clarity's influence is synonymous with authenticity, purpose, and lasting impact.

outcome & impact

Clarity Romero's redefined personal brand. Combined a harmonious blend of soft pinks and pastels, capturing the essence of fresh, light energy. The curated content and visuals will seamlessly translate Clarity's unique identity, creating an engaging narrative that resonates with her audience. With the elevated visual and narrative coherence across social platforms, this will now allow for fostering a deeper connection and setting the stage for heightened recognition and influence.

Social Media Transformation

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From the very beginning, through our initial discovery call to the final deliverables, this collaboration has exceeded my expectations. The service was flawless from start to finish. The most valuable aspect of this project was the brand guideline provided. It offered me incredible insight and clarity into my personal brand, and I'm now equipped with a valuable tool that will make a huge difference in how I present myself. Throughout the entire project, there were no challenges or issues to speak of. The communication and responsiveness were outstanding. I was continually pleased with the prompt communication and smooth responsiveness, which made the entire process a breeze. This collaboration has been a resounding success and I've already recommended your service to my friends who are also looking to build their personal brands.

Thank you so much for making this journey so seamless!

Clarity Romero



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