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Kiara Maree, a dedicated Marketing & Brand Strategist, passionately guides conscious entrepreneurs on a journey to unearth their authentic brand and message. With a mission to help soul-led businesses rise above the sea of sameness online, Kiara specialises in creating content that resonates deeply with their target audience, fostering connections that light their clients' souls on fire. Championing authenticity, she transforms her clients' uniqueness into high-potency offerings, authentic branding, and messaging that not only aligns with their values but also feels profoundly fulfilling for the soul.

Project Details

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Visual Brand Identity, Social Media Graphics

Brand Colour Palette, Brand Image Moodboard, Social Media Hightlights, Social Media Templates (Canva), 

The Client

Olive Graphics aimed to refine and elevate Kiara Maree's Instagram visual branding, creating a cohesive and professional look in line with her "luxe mystic" vision. The objective was to delve into the essence of Kiara's brand, understanding her business, target audience, and future aspirations. The desired outcome was a timeless and harmonious visual brand that not only satisfied Kiara's aesthetic preferences but also positioned her for the next stage of business transformation.

The Goal

Kiara Maree faced challenges as she DIYed her Instagram visuals on Canva, causing frequent changes in colors and styles. This self-driven process led to inconsistency, hindering the establishment of a robust and recognisable brand presence. The struggle was marked by a desire for a visually compelling identity that authentically mirrored Kiara's essence and resonated with her intended audience.

The struggle

The Brief

Kiara Maree Moodboard



The Process and Outcome

The once DIY inconsistency has given way to a cohesive and professional visual brand on her Instagram account, perfectly encapsulating the "luxe mystic" ambiance. Kiara's online presence now stands as a timeless reflection of her unique essence, positioning her for the next stage of business transformation with a captivating and harmonious visual identity.

outcome & impact

The process began by delving into the heart of Kiara Maree's brand, understanding her essence, target audience, and aspirations. From the initial mood board to seamless graphic development, every step was meticulously curated, ensuring a transformation authentically mirrored Kiara's vision.

Social Media Transformation

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Before working with Amanda, I found myself DIYing my visual branding in canva, changing colours and style every few months and didn't have a look and feel I was deeply content with. I sought Amanda's support to create a visual brand look for my Instagram and level up my graphics for social media. I liked how she took the time before designing to get to know my brand, my target audience and my intentions moving forward. The initial moodboard she pulled together captured the feeling, the vibe and the 'luxe mystic' look I was going for.

The graphic development and edit process was super smooth, and she kept me well-updated throughout the process. Now I have a feed look and accompanying templates I am incredibly happy with - I feel like not only does it capture the essence of who I am and my business, but it gives me a more professional and cohesive visual brand for my next stage of business transformation. Now I can finally stop fiddling with my colours and branding in Canva because I have a look that is timeless and will honour me for the long-term!

I'd highly recommend working with Amanda if you're seeking to not only level up your graphics, but want to have someone who really takes the time to get to know you and helps you visually translate your inner essence into a personal brand look and feel that's an expression of who you are. Thank you Amanda! 

Kiara Maree

Marketing & Brand Strategist


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