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Stellar Leadership Group supports leaders and teams in unlocking their full potential. Specialised services, including 1:1 and team coaching, strategic planning and delivery, female leadership development, and conflict resolution, aim to foster organisational thriving. The unique STELLAR MODEL® serves as a powerful diagnostic tool, prioritising areas for improvement and tracking progress over time. With a core focus on support, challenge, and growth, Stellar Leadership Group guides leaders towards delivering better outcomes, embodying excellence in leadership.

Project Details

Chosen Packages:
Brand/ Business Rename, Visual Brand Identity, Social Media Graphics, Marketing Collateral

Visual Brand Identity & Strategy, Brand Style Guide, Brand Colour Palette, Brand Image Moodboard, Social Media Templates (Canva), Various Marketing Collateral Assets.

The Client

The goal was to elevate the business through strategic branding and visual design. The plan involved exploring a name change closely aligned with the signature Stellar Model, removing outdated references, and incorporating constellations into the brand identity. The overarching objective was to present a cohesive and impactful brand that resonated with the essence of their leadership programs, ensuring Stellar Leadership Group stood out and thrived in its transformative offerings.

The Goal

At a critical business juncture, Stellar Leadership Group aimed to elevate to the next level. The struggle was in aligning their brand identity with the signature Stellar Model used in their leadership programs. The existing business name lacked alignment with the current model, prompting a need for a name that encapsulated the business essence and reflected the constellations tied to it. The challenge was to redefine and align the brand to fully represent the transformative offerings of their signature program, Stellar Model.

The struggle

The Brief

Stellar Moodboard



The Process and Outcome

The transformative journey resulted in updated brand elements that maintain a disruptive yet cohesive visual coherence. The integration of unique imagery adds a distinct character, reflecting Stellar Leadership Group's bold and daring approach. This visual evolution creates a lasting impression, setting them apart in the competitive landscape and reinforcing their commitment to supporting leaders and teams in innovative ways. This adaptable approach can extend across their brand and marketing assets, ensuring a cohesive and impactful visual identity.

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outcome & impact

Embarking on Stellar Leadership Group's brand evolution, the process commenced with a deep exploration of their disruptive vision. Aligning with the commitment to be a disruptor, raw and unpredictable brush strokes were strategically incorporated, transforming into dynamic headings for a consistent visual language. The decision to embrace constellations as a background added a distinctive touch, symbolising progress and movement. Complemented by unique imagery with imperfect shapes and lines tying into the existing Stellar Model graphic, this streamlined process aimed at infusing a bold and innovative character into the brand.

Process & strategy


Olive Graphics delivered a revised brand that truly reflects our ethos. The speed of turnaround and the variety of options presented showcased dedication and creativity. Amanda’s responsiveness and effective communication throughout the process were commendable. The brand transformation resulted in a cohesive and impactful visual identity for Stellar Leadership Group. 

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Stellar Leadership Group


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